Superwyze can help you adopt new tools and support you through the change process.

Optimising the fleet

The data collected by Superwyze thanks to its sensors is recorded and made available to you. We offer to exploit them for you to provide a comprehensive view of your fleet and recommend optimizations based on the analyzed data. A periodic assessment is offered to you, along with recommendations for the next period.

The assessment includes:

The projection includes

Optimization of the patient journey

Outpatient surgery is a national priority. It is currently being deployed. The request from public authorities is to consider and optimize the development of outpatient surgery, with a hospital stay of less than 12 hours, without overnight accommodation.

Health policies strongly encourage the development of this mode of hospitalization. France is one of the Western countries most behind on this practice but is catching up. Developing outpatient services in a facility involves implementing solutions to assist teams without imposing additional new tasks on them.

Many options available

Knowing exactly where the patient is located is indeed valuable information, but it must be complemented by other types of information:

For example is it :

And allowing the operating room to operate in a “pull” flow

A patient, comfortably settled in the waiting room, will have a much better experience than waiting for long minutes once prepared.

An accompanying person, on the other hand, will appreciate being notified by SMS that their loved one is in the recovery room…

Successful internal communication

If it’s important to invest in powerful tools for your teams on a daily basis, it’s even more crucial to accompany them in the adoption of these tools to avoid pitfalls such as resistance to change or the persistence of habits ingrained over years.

We propose to share with you a complete communication KIT, based on the essential phases in the adoption of an innovative solution:

Inform, convince, raise awareness, promote, and seduce.

The training phases are tailored to the various stakeholders and are followed by several months of support to ensure the adoption and use of the solution.