Temperature monitoring

Ensure temperature traceability independently.

A temperature tracking solution

In the demanding world of healthcare, every degree matters. Adhering to strict cold chain standards is a crucial requirement, and traceability is an absolute necessity. It is in this complex environment that Superwyze comes into play, offering an innovative solution to meet the specific needs of the medical sector.

Superwyze offers an integrated solution for monitoring your refrigerators and cold rooms using IoT sensors, energy-autonomous. They enable precise, real-time monitoring of your products’ temperature throughout their storage and transportation for a guaranteed minimum duration of 10 years, without needing to change batteries.

Reliable sensors

Superwyze sensors can be calibrated in a COFRAC accredited laboratory according to ISO 17025 standard, meeting requirements for traceability and reliability. Furthermore, their fidelity and accuracy allow for controlled measurement uncertainties across a wide range of temperatures and in various environments. The rigorous standards of the healthcare sector are thus upheld, with total traceability of information.

Diagram of Measurement Accuracy and Reliability:

A comprehensive interface

The data is accessible 24/7 from our software. You are alerted in real-time in case of deviation, eliminating the need for tedious manual checks. This approach ensures data reliability while also offering significant time savings for medical staff, reducing operational costs and risks associated with product storage through rapid detection.

The connected solution allows you to receive updates remotely, without impacting your production, and always benefit from the latest version at no extra cost.

3 types of temperature sensors

Temperature sensor

Probe sensor

CO2 sensor

COFRAC accreditation

The French Accreditation Committee is the only French entity authorized to issue accreditations according to standards.

Healthcare facilities are subject to various ISO standards that they must adhere to. In this regard, they are audited and accredited by COFRAC.

Superwyze aims to assist you in conducting this audit; all the data is directly available in the application, and you have the option to generate a customizable report containing all the information to provide to the auditor.

The solution, designed in collaboration with experts in biology and metrology, allows you to digitize and simplify your metrology while ensuring a high level of traceability, quality, and reliability.