Equipment fleet management, geolocation, and availability of equipment.

Facilitating the management of your equipment

Between the perpetual search for equipment and the frequent losses that result from it, you are faced with a real challenge.

Superwyze intervenes to help you by offering tracking of your equipment fleet with indications of the device status: off/on. Thus, you gain in efficiency and productivity.

The solution ?

Superwyze locates available equipment for you.

With the help of location sensors and an intuitive, comprehensive interface, there’s no need to keep searching and calls to colleagues in other departments.

In just a few clicks, the Superwyze application allows you to select equipment by their name, family, identification number, location, and status: available or in use. End-of-service inventories are automatic with devices present or gone to another department.

The rarest devices are locatable anywhere in the facility. You no longer waste time and unnecessarily disturb your colleagues to find a bladder scanner, for example. Superwyze instantly tells you who to address.

Night supervisors, you become autonomous in your searches throughout the facility. You focus on care and no longer move in vain.

Our aim ? Vous faire gagner du temps afin que vous puissiez vous concentrer sur vos tâches prioritaires.