Patient tracking

Optimizing healthcare through patient geolocation.

Multiple uses for patient tracking

Optimizing outpatient schedules

By mastering the real-time evolution of each patient’s journey, healthcare staff can welcome them, ensure they are in the right place, avoid delays, and control activity in the operating room.

Saving time and providing peace of mind in emergency situations.

By helping monitor the location of patients awaiting care, caregivers no longer need to cover long distances and read wristbands to locate a patient in need of attention. If the patient has been transferred or has left the department, the information is immediate. These systems allow for the construction of a more reliable waiting time estimate.

Preventing wandering in psychiatric and geriatric care

The geofencing solutions at exit points coupled with bracelets lack reliability: undetected patients or indications of the exit of a present patient. Superwyze is capable of tracking the patient throughout the day and detecting their approach. Even better, our solution ensures the indication of closure for openings, sometimes left open by staff, providing wandering individuals access outside the service.

The Benefits of Patient Geolocation