Management of equipment flows, monitoring of temperature, CO2, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure

A connected solution for the healthcare industry

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Superwyze's connected solutions

Our mission: to provide your teams with the essential tools to focus on their core business.

Whether it is:

  • tracking the journeys and utilization rates of your equipment to optimize your fleet,
  • conducting a remote inventory in seconds,
  • recording temperatures and ensuring the serenity of your traceability (pharmacy, laboratory, kitchens, etc.) on both fixed and mobile enclosures,
  • monitoring the air quality of your buildings,
  • or even preventing Legionella risks without having to perform systematic flushing.

Our application

Each feature of our software has been developed by involving all relevant stakeholders in the institution to ensure:

  • the right information at the right time
  • an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • a configurable alert system according to your needs
  • custom reports on equipment utilization rates, by department or for one or more facilities


Cybersecurity is at the core of our concerns. Moreover, Superwyze’s business model is based on assuming full responsibility for the operation of our solution. We do not depend on your network or servers to operate.

We comply with the best practices set forth by ANSSI and monitor risks through a comprehensive analysis and an action plan updated at least every 6 months.

IoT Chain Security

Our data is duplicated on 2 geographically distant OVH sites (e.g., Strasbourg and Gravelines)

We can also separate operations on one server and databases on a server completely dedicated to your application.

For you, these measures mean: no responsibility for your digital department (DSN/DSI) related to our solution, maximum service availability, total data traceability, assurance that users will apply best practices, and no additional costs related to security.


The protocol used for equipment tracking allows messages to be routed without the gateway knowing the address of the final server. Additionally, communication eSIM cards can quickly switch data cellular networks in case of an attack on one of them.


Secure messages thanks to 256-bit encryption (the highest level available) for equipment tracking and 128-bit encryption for patient tracking. The private keys for decryption are stored with a trusted third party in the cloud. Our sensors are regularly updated remotely, and the use of the 868MHz frequency band greatly reduces the risks of radio interference, whether intentional or not.


The decrypted messages are processed by OVH servers approved HDS and certified ISO27001, 20017, and 27018. They include a high level of encryption, a mitigation system in case of coordinated robot attacks (denial of service or DDoS attack), a system called “DNSSEC” which prevents traffic redirection to pages associated with hijacked DNS (e.g., email that urges you to contact instead of, encryption and SSL certificates for web pages to secure inter-server contacts, dual authentication, enforcement of regular changes of complex passwords, etc.