Temperature traceability that meets standards.

Rigorous monitoring

Biology is probably the most closely monitored field in terms of traceability: samples, reagents, cultures… There are numerous use cases.

The traceability of temperature, humidity, or CO2 conditions must be impeccable to comply with COFRAC certification audits.

Our sensors all have individual uncertainties of less than +/-0.25°C and exhibit drifts of less than 1% over 5 years.

Our solutions?

At any time, regardless of the environment concerned, we guarantee precise temperature traceability in compliance with ISO 17025 standards

  • Relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, or CO2 levels: one single sensor,
  • Door monitoring: quickly detecting a poorly closed door will prevent temperature drift,
  • Our SaaS software offers simplicity in reading and archiving your data and calibration reports because we have designed it with and for biologists.