Superwyze and its equipment management solution featured in SIH SOLUTIONS Magazine


Superwyze was featured in SIH SOLUTIONS Magazine for its IoT solution for managing medical equipment at the Chalon-sur-Saône Hospital Center, offering equipment mapping and real-time visualization of their location and availability.

This versatile tool improves the quality of life for caregivers, the pharmacy, and the biomedical service, offering multiple benefits. Cost savings can be achieved on the equipment fleet through a better understanding of the usage of each device, significant time savings through real-time location tracking, and the automation of inventory management tasks. This is in addition to a perfect understanding of the assets present in the facility and those that have been removed, as well as an improved rate of device control.

For example, it detects if a refrigerator door has been left open and proactively monitors equipment such as oxygen bottles, reporting their status. This allows orders to be placed with a simple press of a button. Superwyze analyzes the flows and provides statistics on usage rates, enabling objective planning of purchases. Its high adaptability to team needs, collaborative approach, and user-oriented design facilitate its adoption and the full utilization of its features. As a result, it improves the overall operational efficiency of the facility and the quality of care.

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