Superwyze for energy optimization of your buildings

Superwyze optimise la consommation d'énergie

In a context where energy optimization has become a priority for businesses, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions emerge as essential tools for optimizing energy consumption in facilities. Superwyze is at the forefront of these technologies, offering an innovative and comprehensive approach to monitoring critical parameters such as temperature, Legionella risk, decontamination tracking, and CO2 detection.

Thanks to advanced connected sensors, Superwyze ensures optimized management and enhanced safety in various environments, ranging from healthcare facilities to offices and refrigerated warehouses.

“The installation of our sensors, combined with Building Management System (BMS) integration and a customized software platform, enables significant energy savings, informed decision-making to improve energy efficiency, and reduction of operational costs.”


IoT sensors provide significant added value in three key areas:

  • Occupancy Management: By identifying peak occupancy times and periods of inactivity, the sensors allow for adjustments to temperature and other environmental parameters, thereby reducing energy consumption.


  • Water Pipeline Monitoring: Superwyze sensors detect water temperature variations, facilitating faster and more accurate prevention of Legionella, a dangerous bacteria often present in water distribution systems.


  • Refrigerated Storage: In refrigerated warehouses, sensors detect temperature variations crucial for storing sensitive products such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. This monitoring ensures the quality and safety of the stored products.


Superwyze’s solution relies on a single technology of connected sensors capable of collecting and transmitting a multitude of data, including:

  • Ambient and pipe temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water leakage
  • CO2
  • Presence of individuals
  • Position of openings


What sets Superwyze sensors apart from other smart building solutions on the market are their exceptional features:

  • Miniaturized sensors, completely wireless,
  • 15-year battery life: Unmatched longevity that reduces maintenance needs,
  • World’s smallest sensor with only 2.5mm thickness: Allows for discreet and flexible installation,
  • Range of 2 km in open field (or nearly 70 m in congested environments): Ensures extensive and reliable coverage,
  • Resistance to constraints: shocks, chemical cleaning,..


Regardless of your industry, you can adopt our IoT solutions to contribute not only to more efficient energy management but also to the fight against climate change. By adopting Superwyze solutions, companies are committing to a sustainable and responsible approach while optimizing their performance and security.