On 9 March 2023, Dräger and Superwyze announced their collaboration on an equipment flow management solution for hospitals.

The solution was presented to the Dräger France teams in January 2023 in preparation for a collaboration between the two companies. The teams were enthusiastic about the solution, in particular because of the simplicity of implementation and the absence of usage constraints, enabling users to adopt it quickly and easily.

Dräger’s superb showroom in Antony was equipped for the occasion, and the teams were able to use the software to check the progress of an M540 connected to Superwyze in real time. The showroom will remain connected and the interface will be available 24 hours a day.

For the Superwyze teams, this collaboration is a great opportunity,” says Caroline Bourgeois-Riou, the company’s CEO: “Dräger has a very strong reputation, both in France and internationally. We’re particularly proud to announce this partnership, especially as it’s based largely on recognition of the differentiating factor of our solution. We’re particularly pleased because we share the same human-centred values with Dräger. There’s no doubt that the societal benefits of our solution, which will enable all departments to free up more time to devote to patients and to higher added-value tasks, have been an asset in the interests of our partners.